For Dog Lovers Who Don't Have a Dog!

Play with local dogs on demand! Choose your pup & go meet up! Dog owners set the price & come along too…and part of the proceeds goes to no-kill dog shelters!

Now Available in New York City & Boston!

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How Does Pupprrr Work?


Scroll through available dogs and make a request for a playdate. If you are planning on an office visit please be sure to get approval from your building or bosses to ensure a smooth visit!


If the dog owner accepts the request both parties meet at the designated location for your playdate.


Play with that Pupprrr! If everything goes great mark the transaction as complete and leave some friendly feedback.



The Playdate

All playdates happen with the dog owner present. Dog owners have the choice to accept or deny any request.


Dog owners set their price per fifteen minute playdate.

No-Kill Shelters

A portion of all Pupprrr transactions go to a no-kill shelter. Dog owners are able to donate up to 100% of their earning as well.


Dog owners set their availability. Users are able to make a request and message the dog owners to find a time that works best.

The Requestor

The dog requestor is responsible for clearing the visit through their work or the owners/ managers of any other indoor space if a dog is coming in.

New York City & Boston

Right now Pupprrr is only located in New York City & Boston. We plan to expand to other regions in the future! Message us if you want Pupprrr to come to your city!


If you are having a great time with the dog and want to spend more than 15 minutes you can re-up on your playdate. (so long as the dog and owner are available.)
I would use this everyday!

New Yorker, On her playdate with Dill!

We really enjoyed having some one on one time with the dogs. I look forward to booking another meet up in the future!
Alison & Luke

NYU Students, On their playdate with Michi!

I have to fly all the time for work so I can’t own a dog. I love this solution!!!

Pilot, On her playdate with Leo!