Humans need dogs – but we don’t get enough of them in cities.

We Americans are a dog loving people. Half of all American homes have at least one dog, many have more. 70% of people describe themselves as dog people and one in five people say they like dogs better than other humans. We are not alone in that love. As China becomes wealthier, one of the top things they are spending their money on is dogs. Nor is our love of dogs a new phenomenon. People and dogs have been living side by side for 15,000 years. Dogs are the only animal ever to domesticate themselves, walking out of the darkness towards our campfires in search of food – and companionship. We evolved together. Since that first pup approached our ancestors, dogs and humans have done just about everything together. Everything, that is, except move to cities. As our world has become more urban, we have seen for the first time a real dog deficit.

What is the dog deficit? It is the number of people who want and need a dog, but who don’t have one because they live in a city. While 50% of American homes have dogs, only 15% of urban homes do. That means we have a dog deficit of 35% in American cities- that group of people who would otherwise own a dog but don’t. Why don’t these people (the author included), just go out and get a pup? The hard truth is that they can’t. Modern city life makes owning a dog all but unattainable. Dog care is prohibitively expensive, many apartments do not allow pets, and most professional jobs keep people away from home for up to 15 hours a day (usually in offices that aren’t all that human friendly, let alone dog friendly). We evolved to need dogs, and yet our lives make it impossible to have them.

Pupprrr aims to help with this problem. We are an app that allows people who do not have a dog to book playdates with a local dog and their owner.  In addition to providing dog-less people access to quality time with quality pups, Pupprrr allows dog owners to earn some extra cash to help manage dog-related expenses. By bringing these parties together, we’re hoping we can re-imagine the dog deficit and create a new way for people to engage with dogs in the urban world. Help us make that vision a reality by signing up today!