1. Dogs help you meet new people 

A dog is the ultimate wingman. Seriously though, dogs are a great gateway to meeting new people. Take your dog to the dog park and you can’t help but meet other cool dog owners. Knowing that they have a dog makes you like them right away because dog people are almost always good people! Dogs also help meeting people without dogs because people love petting dogs. Pups are the perfect ice breaker.

2. Dogs make you healthier 

People with dogs are healthier than those without dogs. They have lower blood pressure and they are in better shape. Part of the reason is that dogs motivate us to get up and move – to walk them, to play with them, to take them outside.

3. Dogs reduce stress 

Just feeling a dog’s fur calms you down.  That’s because petting a dog causes your body to release the oxytocin.  Dogs also make us laugh, which also reduces stress. All of these great benefits are part of why people with dogs show decreased stress levels. So grab yourself a pupprrr and get cuddling…you need it!

4. Dogs can save your life

Dogs can save lives in many, many ways. Service dogs are trained to detect oncoming seizures and call for help. Dogs have been known to run into burning houses to save their people, or to keep lost children warm by laying on top of them in freezing weather. Additionally, dogs have helped save countless people with just their love alone. Many people who are thinking about committing suicide do not go through with it and get help because they can’t bear to say goodbye to the one they know loves them unconditionally – their dog.

5. Dogs make you happier

In addition to decreasing stress, dog’s actually make you happier. They provide us with purpose, companionship, and love, all of which make us more content and happier than those without cats.  In the same way your best friends make you happy, so does you true best friend – your dog!

6. Dogs make you feel safer

Dogs make us feel safe because they have been our protectors for centuries. They bark to alert us of dangers, they growl at scary animals or people who get to close. Even stray dogs have been known to come to the aid of women being robbed. (kinda makes you want to go rescue a dog right now, right?) Who needs a bodyguard when you can have dog instead?

7. Dogs will love you so much that you won’t be able to help loving them back!

There’s no need to describe this one, you just feel it!

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