Spending time with a dog in NYC is a joy in general, but it also opens new doors. Here are 7 things you can only enjoy in NYC with a dog:

1. Playing with 10 or more dogs at a time. Dog runs are some of the most exclusive spots in NYC. No dog? No entrance. But if you have a dog by your side, you can not only hang with your own dog off leash; you’ll meet dozens of other dogs, and some pretty awesome people. Some of the top rated dog runs: Union Square, Tompkins Square Park, and Madison Square Park. (Don’t own a dog? You can still unlock access with Pupprrr.)

2. Meet hundreds of dogs just like your pup. Got a super cute Pomeranian? Check out the New York City Pomeranian Meetup. Is yours the cutest Corgi? Find out at the NYC Corgi Meetup. There are hundreds of dog meetups in NYC.

3. Be the coolest person in the bar, because you brought the dog. Anyone is welcome, but it’s different if you have a dog by your side. Check out d.b.a. in the East Village, where you and your favorite pup can hang out back in courtyard (it’s enclosed during the winter). Dogs drink free! (so long as it’s water)

4. Instagram ridiculous selfies of you putting your dog in a bag. NYC allows dogs on the train, but only if their in a bag. People have stretched the limits of this ridiculous law, putting big dogs in even bigger bags. Where else could you see a full-grown husky in a tote bag? Join the fun and post your best dog-in-a-bag-on-the-train selfie. Just make sure to tweet it @meanboysclub, whose viral post first told the rest of the world about this phenomenon.

5. Dress up your dog for the Tompkins Square Halloween Parade. Show the world your dog’s personality, mixed with your design skills. Think your dog is a super pup at heart? Well, let them be Super Pup for a day!

6. Sip on a chai latte in NYC’s only dog cafe with your pup by your side. NYC had been dying for a dog cafe, and we finally got one! Boris & Horton let’s you enjoy your cafe favorites with your dog at your side. It’s also a great place to meet other dogs and their owner.

7.Meet awesome New Yorkers. Research suggests that dog owners are kinder, happier, and more outgoing than other people. Having a dog is a great way to meet other owners, as well as all those people who wish they had a dog themselves. Join Pupprrr today and see how many of those great New Yorkers can’t wait to meet your pup!