We just wanted to let you know that we are about to roll out a major update to our app!  One of the big new features is that dog owners can now manage their real-time availability.  You all now have an availability toggle in your settings. When the toggle is set to available” your listing will be visible to Pupprrr users and available for booking.  When the toggle is set to unavailable, your listing will not be visible to other Pupprrr users and it will be unavailable for booking.

The other big change is that we streamlined the available locations in NYC to make them more intuitive (and easier for dog owners to set their availability).  In order to make sure that everything is ready for the app update, we pushed these changes live in our listings and automatically updated your current listing.

As we mapped the old locations to the new ones, we wanted to make sure that we were as inclusive as possible.  As a result, dog owners should check their listings and make sure that the locations listed accurately represent where you will be available for playdates.  

We hope that you and your pup find these updates make it easier to use Pupprrr and book playdates! As always, we’d love to hear what you think and you can let us know here.