Our Story

Patrick, Nate and Bob are childhood friends born and raised in Andover, MA. After graduating High School together, all three left Massachusetts, lived all over the country, and traveled together all over the world. Despite the odds, these three hometown friends remain quite close. Too close even.

While Nate and Bob grew up with dogs, Patrick did not. He grew up with cats. Four of them. It should be noted here, Patrick is allergic to cats. Today though, and a bit ironically, Patrick has a dog. His name is Charlie. Nate and Bob, however, do not. The restrictions of urban living and highly demanding jobs make owning a dog nearly impossible.

One somber day while the three were in Mexico City a conversation about needing some dog love led to the idea behind Pupprrr (the other domain was taken). Did they create Pupprrr because they just wanted to play with dogs themselves? Probably. Did they see that lot of other people in big urban cities also wanted to play with dogs but couldn’t have one? For sure.

Ripe with excitement, the three amigos huddled together in Bob’s three-hundred square-foot Manhattan apartment and formed Pupprrr! Now, while the trio all have a wide variety of skills and expertise, coding is not one of them. But Patrick, Bob and Nate could not be stopped by such meager obstacles. Leveraging big data, favors owed, and their own bank accounts, the trio put together a low-tech Pupprrr pop-up in New York City which resulted in many happy people and chunk of money that was donated to the Sean Casey Animal Shelter.

Those early successes paved the way for the current (beta) app! That little app has since been featured on Product Hunt, garnered downloads from around the world, and led to requests for them to bring Pupprrr to cities in the U.S. Don’t worry Carl, they heard you! And they are working around the clock to bring Pupprrr to a city near you!